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Grand River / Livernois Strategic Development Plan

Renaissance of Hope


RVSN Studio 
Interboro Partners 
JIMA Studio 


The Grand River - Livernois Strategic Development Plan, led by Renaissance of Hope, exists as a guide for a community rich with history and welcoming of a vibrant future. By aligning with relevant efforts being pursued by the City of Detroit and local, active changemakers, this Plan highlights the opportunities, challenges, and effects of the neighborhood’s vacancies on equity, safety, walkability, and unity.

The overall strategy aims to strengthen and celebrate community identity in the neighborhood by: stabilizing streets with selective residential rehabilitation and new infill; increasing walkability and connectivity through enhanced pedestrian and cycling networks; and build equity through innovatively programmed open spaces. It does so through building mechanisms for increasing health, wealth, and agency for current and future community members.


Design work by : RVSN Studios, BOLD Studio, JIMA Studio, Interboro Partners

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