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Bold Studio is an architectural design practice driven by the belief that great design requires a combination of inspiration, intentionality, and inclusion. By examining the unique intersection of communities, architecture, and experiences, we identify and create synergies between the design of the space and the people who engage in it. We specialize in hospitality, residential, mixed-use, urban design, and community-based projects.

With over 13 years of architectural design experience and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Detroit Mercy, founding designer Carl Bolofer strives to challenge
himself and the design profession to seek out diversity of thought, collaborate across disciplines, and remain open to new perspectives. As a Detroit resident of over 30 years, Carl carries a deep appreciation and love for the city of Detroit that inspires his thoughtful, informed approach to designing the urban landscape.


Across a variety of project scales, Bold Studio applies its expertise to distill the client vision, develop unique concepts, and achieve the dynamic potential of each project.





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