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Liv Perspective

Live @ Liv



Urban Alterscape

4545 Architecture

The Live@Liv development builds upon the revitalization of Detroit’s historic Avenue of Fashion with its introduction of a dynamic mixed use concept on the Livernois corridor. With its combination of residential and commercial programming, renovation and new construction, the 13000 sq ft Live@Liv development represents a critical component of self-sustaining, walkable communities.

The Live@Liv development will renovate the existing two-story structure into updated commercial space, adaptable to either bi-level use by a single tenant or separate upper and lower units housing two distinct tenants. On the adjacent lot, the development will construct a three story, 9000 sf infill building. The ground floor will have 2000 sf of commercial space, while the second and third floors will be fully dedicated to residential programming with 6 individual rental units totaling 6000 sf. Ranging in size from studios to 2 bedrooms, each unit will have a unique layout with a high efficiency floor plan that optimizes its individual square footage while collectively maximizing the footprint of the building. Private outdoor space overlooking the Livernois corridor included in ⅔ of the units will connect residents to the street. The design of the existing and new structures takes cues from the surrounding buildings in materiality and scale all while using modern/contemporary design to contrast from the historic

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