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wine bar concept

Wine Bar Concept


*design completed at Hamilton Anderson Associates

This new space will be both a retail and bar space that is easy to operate and memorable to visit. The venue looks to be sophisticated and sensible- a design that is comfortable, inviting, and exciting. Materials chosen for the space include a polished concrete floor, birch wood, and dark metal. These materials were chosen for their sleek simplicity, timeless elements, and their contrasting natural color palette. Also these materials reflect the urban environment that this venue is in.

The 2000 sf venue is broken up into three main areas: The Retail area, Casual Seating, and the Bar area. The 3 areas are connected together with an easily navigable main circulation aisle flanked on one side with wine display and seating on the other.  The intent is for the three environments to engage each other so one area merges with the next creating a collection of complementary experiences and environments within the same venue.

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